Day 10 – October 5, 2012

Wow, day 10 of the campaign already.  The time is going by really fast even though this has been a tough week. I was realizing this morning as I was trying to pray through the sorrowful mysteries, they are just that – sorrowful – and there is much pain involved as Jesus walked through those last hours of his life.  I kept focusing on the supposedly “painless” fatal heart attack that is inflicted on the baby at the start of the abortion procedure in Dr. Carhart’s clinic and the crown of thorns being pushed onto Jesus’ head.  I’ve heard a heart attack described as sharp piercing pain in the chest sometimes and certainly that crown of thorns was a sharp piercing pain in Jesus’ head.  Jesus suffered that pain for us – willingly.  He suffered through the entire ordeal on our behalf, for our salvation, for Dr. Carhart’s salvation because of His great and overwhelming love.  I know I was dedicating this week to praying for his salvation and I did come back to that but initially, I could not get beyond this one point of the pain and suffering.  Again, today I found myself so grieved that I began to cry over the lives that were lost this week. The Lord very graciously reminded me that He took the sin of the abortionist upon Himself just as He took my sin upon Himself when He went to that cross.  My sin was forgiven, so the sin of the abortionist is also forgivable when there is repentance.  I count it a privilege to continue praying for the Dr. Carhart’s salvation, believing that God is ready to hold him in His everlasting arms.

I wondered if it was alright to allow myself to be comforted in the fact that the children who were aborted this week in Germantown and everywhere else in the world for that matter, are now in heaven with the Lord.  Maybe.  But, of course, what is not okay is that ANY child died at all this week in such a horrific way.

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