Days 8 & 9 – October 4, 2012

I did not get a chance to write anything yesterday, so I will combine my thoughts from both yesterday and today into one posting. 

I was thinking to myself this morning how difficult this week has been.  I have been trying to pray for Dr. Carhart’s salvation this week while continuing to meditate on the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary.  However, the more I meditate on the sorrowful mysteries the more I think about the horrific death these poor children are suffering and I find myself weeping for these little lives. 

After doing a little research I discovered that Dr. Carhart uses a four step method over four days to complete the abortion.  The method was initially developed by George Tiller after partial birth abortions were banned as a work around.  This method uses a combination of four drugs beginning with a lethal dose of digoxin to induce a heart attack in the baby.  This is suppose to make this painless for the baby according George Tiller.  Since when is a fatal heart attack ever painless?  I am still wondering how a woman could carry her child for nearly five months and then decide she has to kill the child.  You see Dr. Carhart usually does abortions beginning at 19 weeks gestation.  At the end of the process, one of the drugs used induces labor, so now the woman is giving birth to her dead child.  I earnestly pray that our society wakes up to this reality one day very soon before we go too far and cross a line that we can’t get back over. 

I pray for Dr. Carhart’s salvation.  I know God is able and that He desires that none should perish but that all should come to repentence, as I’ve said before, but sometimes it can be so hard to see how this is going to happen.  It’s my understanding that the actual abortion process begins on Sunday at the Germantown clinic, so that it is concluded by Wednesday.  I assume that to mean that perhaps no babies will die today in Germantown, I don’t know.  But still, prayer goes up for the babies, the women who come for abortions, Dr. Carhart, and his staff around the clock no matter what!

I was encouraged this morning by seeing Douglas, one of the faithful 12 that I met on Tuesday morning.  Douglas told me how much he believes in prayer and how much he believes that God will close the doors of this clinic in a way that will allow all of Germantown to know that it was through His power and His grace that this was accomplished.  I say AMEN to that!!!  Douglas and I concluded the hour by praying together.

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