Day 18 – October 13, 2012

Today marks the end of another week in the 40 days for life campaign and a week with prayer focused on the abortion clinic worker seeing the light of Christ.  This morning, as I walked up and down the sidewalk, the Lord gave me prayers for workers in the abortion industry but also for the city of Germantown.  I began to pray that the light of Christ would shine down on the city of Germantown and that all who lived in this city would be affected by this light.  I prayed that the Germantown itself would become a City of Refuge, a place of healing for those caught in this industry.  God set apart cities that were called Cities of Refuge when the land was being divided up among the Israelites.  These cities were specifically created for people to flee to when they killed someone (Numbers 35).  Now the idea behind these cities was to protect someone who accidentally killed another person, which sadly is not the case with the abortion clinic.  There is nothing accidental about the act of abortion.  However, God is merciful and ready to forgive us the minute we turn to Him.  This is why I prayed that the light of Christ would invade the city of Germantown and why I prayed that it would become a city of refuge.  When people leave the abortion industry it is because their eyes have been opened to the truth of what is going on around them and because of that they need time and space to heal and to overcome any guilt they may find themselves feeling.  Please continue to pray for the abortion clinic worker, that they will have the courage to leave the industry and that the light of Christ will shine brightly in their lives.

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