Day 31 – October 26, 2012

HEADLINE: No abortions in Germantown this week!!!


Praise God for the amazing news!  I received an email last night from the Germantown campaign director who told us that Leroy Carhart did not even come into town this week.  The campaign is soon to be over but the battle is far from over.  However, during these past 31 days, the 40 days for life campaign, worldwide has seen almost 400 lives saved and some abortion clinic workers leave the industry, which of course is amazing.  

As I have focused on spiritual warfare this week, this morning I was reflecting on Elijah’s encounter with Ahab and the 450 prophets of Baal (I Kings 18).  In reading that passage of scripture, I became acutely aware of how much the battle is the Lords.  Elijah prepared his offering in obedience to the Lord, which on the surface looked a bit ridiculous.  Not only did the Lord say they could not create the fire themselves, but Elijah poured 12 pitchers of water over his offering before praying to God to bring down the fire.  As we know, the dry offering just remained untouched and dry, but Elijah’s offering was completely consumed and even the water was lapped up by the fire.  The battle is the Lords and our job is to get in step with Him in obedience and do as He says no matter how silly the situation may look.  The other piece of this was the protection that Elijah had.  When he meets Obadiah on the road and tells him to let Ahab know he is coming, even Obadiah knows, Elijah is the most wanted man in all of Israel.  Elijah could have been walking into a trap, but instead, because he was walking in obedience to the Lord, he walked into a situation where he prevailed and killed all of the false prophets in the end.

The battle will be won as we remember that it is His to win and ours to be obedient.

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