Day 4 – September 29, 2012

Today is the 4th day of the 40 days for life campaign and the 4th days that I have been praying through the joyful mysteries of the rosary on behalf of the babies who are scheduled to be aborted at the Germantown clinic.  I continue to feel compelled to speak life over this clinic and to declare that Satan, the enemy of our souls is defeated and that he is defeated here in Germantown.  I continue to feel compelled to pray that as the young women are given the announcement that they are pregnant that rather than allowing fear to overwhelm them and overtake them, that like Mary, our Blessed Mother, they will have courage and allow God to take control of the situation that they find themselves in.  I have prayed that there will be many in the church who will embrace these young women that they will have their own visitation by older women in the church who can counsel them and teach as they walk through this pregnancy.  I have prayed that NO MORE babies will die at the Germantown clinic but that ALL will be born!  I have prayed that as these babies are saved from death and are born into this life that these new mothers will have the courage to present their children unto the Lord and dedicate them to His service.  Finally, I have been praying that as these babies are saved from death, born, and dedicated to the Lord that they are also brought up to serve Him and brought up in the knowledge of His word!

The Lord is gracious and compassionate and He is able to perform all of these things beyond anything we could ever imagine.  The women who find themselves in the situation of an unplanned pregnancy are scared and do not know where to turn.  They know deep down that their actions were out of order but God is in the business of putting the pieces back together.  God’s love for us is beyond anything we could ever imagine – “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31)

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